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We invite you to our in-house blog that curates select finds from around the world from…

Aarhus to Auckland
Berkeley to Barcelona
Copenhagen to Cape Town
Detroit to Dubai
Eindhoven to Edinburgh
Fresno to Florence
Glasgow to Guangzhou
Indianapolis to Istanbul
Jacksonville to Johannesburg
Kingston to Kyoto
Oaxaca to Ottawa
Quebec to Queenstown
Raleigh to Rio de Janeiro
San Francisco to Seoul
Tokyo to Toronto
Umea to Utrecht
Vancouver to Vienna
Zurich to Zagreb

(thank you Aileen Kwun)

Interview with Judy Wert

Base Design visits our Wooster Street space to meet with Judy and discuss new shifting directions in design, business and professional practice today and how Wert & Co. plays part among it all. Check out parts 1 and 2 of the full interview!


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