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Theme Week: Hide & Seek


Mid-summer never fails to make us daydream of luxurious stretches of time spent with a good book in a chaise lounge, cookouts on the grill, and favorite childhood past-times. Whether catching lightning bugs or playing tag we fondly remember outdoor summer games. So, this week we decided to play a game of Hide & Seek with the blog, where we’ll be sharing our favorite examples of architecture, design, fashion, and creativity that masterfully HIDE (remote, protective, subtle), SEEK (visionary, curious, adventurous)  – or both. Hope you have fun playing with us!

(Image of Hide & Seek by Thinkk)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


Dan Saffer’s Microinteractions makes an argument for astute attention to detail in design. And magazine blog MagCulture founder Jeremy Leslie will soon release The Modern Magazine: Visual Journalism in the Digital Era, a look at the innovations in the last 10 years of magazine publishing. Taschen’s second volume of Wood: Architecture Now! looks to be a great collection of contemporary applications of wood within architecture.

(Image of Underground Library)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


Moving: Norman Foster on Art accompanies the exhibition of the same name that Foster curated to mark the 20th anniversary of the building of his design, Musée d’art Contemporain. Taschen recently released Game Changers, a 300-page collection of the groundbreaking advertising work that shaped the industry over 60 years. Tokyo Craft Guide is a great companion for those who love Japan’s crafting culture, with helpful maps and recommendations on the tiny hobby stores that dot the city.

(Image of NY’s Little Free Library)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


Learn to grow food in small spaces using simple tools with Antonio Scarponi’s ELIOOO, which employs a simple system of hypdroponics. Kern and Burn recently released Conversations with Design Entrepreneurs, a great collection of interviews with 30 designers on their successes, failures, process and outlook. And Animation Sketchbooks reveals the creative processes of a host of animators working in various styles and ways – Adam Elliot, David Shrigley, and Mirai Mizu, to name a few.

(Image of Tilt’s Open Book Chair)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


Explore the interesting integration of typography and architecture in Letterscapes, by Anna Saccani. A gorgeous new tome by Lidewij Edelkoort, Fetishism in Fashion investigates the history, evolution, culture and future of the boldly creative concept. And the appropriately-titled Geometry Makes Me Happy celebrates the application of geometric forms in work ranging from art, fashion, graphics, and architecture.

(Book Sculpture by Odires Mlaszho)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


Festivals Graphics, new from Index Books, presents 32 festivals from around the world and their accompanying graphic identities. Dive into the tiny worlds created by Christopher Boffoli, with his Big Appetites book, in which little characters scale, swim through and work amongst food props. Becky Crew’s Zombie Birds, Astronaut Fish and Other Weird Animals delves into the fascinating world of oddball animals and their idiosyncrasies.

(Image of Penguin Classics Wallpaper)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


New from the folks at 99U, a great, straightforward toolkit for creative minds – Manage Your Day-to-Day. And Index Books’ Produced with Love gathering a honed collection of designs that go beyond a singular purpose, made with love. And for the garden-inclined, check out garden designer Louis Benech’s Twelve French Gardens,  a beautiful look at his take on mixing French formalism with natural intuition in design.

(Image of Duo Bookshelf)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


A long weekend means more time to settle in with a book…like New York City of Trees, by Benjamin Swett, who photographed and chronicled the stories of the trees that have thrived within the city. Or check out Fully Booked: Ink on Paper, new from Gestalten, which celebrates the tactile artistry of the printed book. And Acne Studios has published their second book, Bruce of Los Angeles Rodeo, showing off the cowboy and Western photography of the 50s, 60s, and 70s by Bruce Bellas, curated by Vince Aletti.

(Image of Wooden Letters)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


Valerie Steele, of the Museum of Fashion at FIT, created a huge tomeFashion Designers, A-Z, with six different editions of the book bound in fabrics from designers like Stella McCartney and Prada. It’s Nice That recently unveiled the first edition of a new magazine – “Printed Pages” – championing creativity in art and design. And a fun new title from Index Books – DIY Gift Wrapping, providing tutorials and inspiration to create magical gifts.

(Image of Extending Bookcase)

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


Edward Dimendberg’s Diller, Scofidio + Renfro: Architecture after Images covers the trio’s work from 1976-2008, following their evolution and growth with care while presenting well-known and discarded projects. The Shape of Green: Aesthetics, Ecology, and Design from Lance Hosey, argues that green design must be approached from the inherent beauty in nature. And Daily Rituals: How Artists Work gives a fantastic glimpse into how many creative minds structure their day around making incredible work.

(Image of Raw Edges’ Book Loom)


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