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Bookshelf: What We’re Reading

With its Archive of Graphic Design, Phaidon has released an edition of 500 A4-size cards highlighting essential examples of the medium. New ways of approaching educational spaces are proliferating in architecture – as evidenced in a book collecting new projects in this arena – Learn for Life. And if you’re in NY this weekend, peruse the world of art and design books at the annual Art Book Fair, hosted by Printed Matter at MoMA PS1 in Queens.

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading

High-end designer Marc Newson will soon reveal the way he works in a 610-page tome showing behind-the-scenes action in the making-of his products. Safely act the voyeur from the air above NYC with Up on the Roof: NYC’s Hidden Skyline Spaces, with shots of the gardens, pools, and lounge areas living atop buildings in the city. Within 3 volumes, the Fresh Box shows how the art of illustration has been revived in 3 design categories: Object, Public, and Print.

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Bookshelf: What We’re Reading

Explore the engaging worlds of comic and graphic illustrators in Behind Illustrations, which reveals the space, thought, and tools these artists use to create their work. Or learn about human nature, strength, and repetition in Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back by PopTech creator Andrew Zolli. And a new book from Gestalten shows a great collection of graphic design identities for small businesses, from a macaron company to a hairstylist.

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Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


School is starting up again – but for those who recently graduated in need of a little encouragement – check out the Graduation Guide for Design Students, chock full of inspiring quips and tips (pictured). For those looking beyond graduation, and maybe beyond our time, Futuristic compiles some of the most interesting architectural work with a forward-looking eye. Or, pare down to simplicity with Logotype, Michael Evamy’s follow-up to the 2007 book Logo.

And…We’re Back!

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Reading and Recharging

It’s that lovely time of year, when summer fun is wrapping up, and we transition into fall and new beginnings. So, like much of New York, our blog is taking a little break – on hiatus until after Labor day.

While we’re away, we hope to get some much-needed reading done. We have a few recommendations if you can do the same… Gorgeous global interiors are revealed in Taschen’s 100 Interiors Around the World. A new book explores the overlooked world of roadside architecture in England, “intent on encouraging discovery and investigation of the infrastructure and landscape it traverses.” And Joshua Glenn and the NYTimes’ Rob Walker give new life to quirky, sometimes useless objects in Significant Objects.

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Bookshelf: What We’re Reading

New from Princeton Architectural Press is a collection of architectural photographer Balthazer Korab’s work, with stunning images of midcentury modern iconic architecture. Cause and Effect: Visualizing Sustainability is a great look at design geared toward raising awareness for sustainability, including campaigns, digital media, and interventions. And if you needed proof of how much designers really do read…check out Designers & Books – a terrific resource of 1,427 books selected by 116 designers.

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Bookshelf: What We’re (Working, Playing) Reading

Think Small is all about the seminal advertising campaign that altered VW’s image and changed the ad game. Sibella Court’s new book, Bowerbird, is available for pre-order – a lovely look at collections – how to gather, display and care for prized treasures. And MoMA’s expanding its bookshop into the digital world, with the release of 2 new tablet books. Both Century of the Child: Growing by Design, and MoMA Collection Highlights: 350 Works from The Museum of Modern Art are gorgeous interactive experiences, with high-res images, searchable text, and supplemental audio and video additions.

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Theme Week: Work/Play

Our work here at Wert&Co is all about…work. But, like many of the interesting people we meet in our day-to-day, we love what we do, which sometimes make it seem like…play. As one of our past taglines reads – “Work is not work if you love to do it.”

This week’s posts will circle around this theme. We’ll see an institute that works on play, fun workspace tools, and where creatives work their magic. Effort meets joy, focus meets fun, and toil meets trifle. Enjoy!

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


Long overdue, This is Service Design Thinking is an interdisciplinary textbook outlining the background, process, methods and tools of Service Design.  And if you’re heading to London anytime soon, for the Olympics or otherwise, check out this beautiful new London Style Guide, compiling some of the city’s best food, drink, and shopping. For those looking to build their design library, mydesignshop is having a sale on several great titles – Women in Design, Just Design, and the Strategic Designer, to name a few.

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