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Service Design Networks’ Touchpoint #3

If you missed this years’ Service Design Network Conference, held this past October in San Francisco, the Network has released their publication, Touchpoint #3 under the same theme of “From Sketchbook to Spreadsheet”. The publication includes in-depth articles, methods, profiles, and re-caps of the Conference, exploring what happens when service design meets business. Check out the contents.

Alexander Osterwalder @ CCA

This coming Saturday, Jan. 21, “business model alchemist” and co-author of Business Model Generation Alex Osterwalder will be speaking at CCA on “Why Business Models Matter.” Osterwalder will talk business models, and how design thinking applied to traditional management can radically impact businesses. Hosted by the MBA in Design Strategy. Wishing we could attend!

Robots as Friends for Kids’ Post-Operative Care

Some kids are getting sent home from the hospital with new robot friends by their side. A pilot program at Children’s Hospital Boston is using these robots built by VGo Communications, complete with videoconferencing and photography abilities, to monitor children’s post-operative care. Future bots will measure patients’ vitals and relay the info. to doctors, saving patients and doctors from lengthy hospital visits.

(via Greg Williams)

Fight Child Malnutrition by Surfing the Web

LazyAngel is a new way to think about giving. This project of social entrepreneurship enables web users to help fight child malnutrition by installing a free, downloadable browser toolbar with fees paid by advertisers.

(via Springwise)

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