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Hop and Skip to Yellowstone

This beauty created by the Sierra Club was passed around a while back, but its worth a mention as a simple reminder of our country’s grand National Parks. The well-known NYC subway map model was applied to show in a minimal way some great road trip ideas. If only the Redwoods really was a few stops and a transfer away.

Before Green Eggs

Long before Dr. Seuss became famous for the Cat in the Hat and his antics, he honed his illustrating and writing skills as an advertising creative. His formative work for companies like GE, Holly Sugar, and Flit insect repellant shows the early glint of the style and characters we’ve come to know and love. The University of California at San Diego has a great library of his work to peruse.

Book Covers Galore

They do say that you can’t judge a book by its cover…but cover art can also impeccably encapsulate the essence of a book, showing it all off in one glance. The Book Cover Archive is a fantastic new database for this art, searchable by illustrator, author, designer, publisher, etc., and a great overall glimpse of the enduring world of book covers in the digital age.

Balloon Flying App

Bringing the iPad into 3D, an interesting new app allows kids to playfully interact a pop-up paper hot air balloon with a video game onscreen.  In the game, users control the direction of the wind to move the balloon, land it on the ground, fly through clouds, and pass birds in the sky. The app is available for free, and the accompanying pop-up book is available here.

Ampersand Delivery

Although the ampersand symbol lost its place in the alphabet, it will never lose its place in our hearts. If you’re also a fan of the elegant symbol, you may enjoy The Ampersand Collection, a curated package of 10 Original prints from 10 designers around the world created in a limited edition of 200. The prints come in a variety of styles, including an Ampertastic Mr. Fox.

Vinyl Home Murals

Wall graphic company Blik recently teamed up with Bruce Mau Design to create an online tool allowing users to create their own temporary wall decals.  Simply enter a typed message onto the start page, and manipulate the letterforms until you have graphics you like. The company will then print and send your phtyalate- and VOC-free vinyl to your door.

Covered Walls

A new Italian company is turning walls inside-out with graphic outdoor wallpaper. The paper, OUT (Outdoor Unconventional Texture) is applied similarly to wallpaper – with adhesive, then paper – but adds a protective layer of a water and UV-protected coating. There’s a lot of beautiful architecture we wouldn’t want to see covered, but this could brighten some drab spaces too.

Better with Age

The women posing for fashion blog Advanced Style exude glamour, joy, and a unique confidence. Each is over 60, photographed by Ari Seth Cohen after he became inspired by his own grandmother’s interesting and enduring style. Cohen published a book of his wonderful photographs and accompanying stories in May, and his blog remains a great place to visit for some perspective and inspiration.

Game Graphics

Board game graphics are an ideal medium for graphic designers to get playful – whether it’s a sophisticated modernization of Monopoly or a new retro style for Risk. “The Pitch“, designed by recent SVA graduate Fatimah Kabba, is a fun game based around the design process – from brief to mood boards to final idea – where anyone can engage more closely with the creative process.

Oh Canada

Plaid, igloos, hockey & syrup – how do you visualize Canada?

Kurt Andersen’s Studio360 Redesigns series – which takes a large subject like “Teachers” or “Valentine’s Day” and re-thinks it – tasked Bruce Mau Design with fixing Canada’s image problem in the U.S. The result is Know Canada – which minimizes the Canadian flag into 2 red bars as a frame logo for it’s 21st Century Icons – Joni Mitchell, Kids in the Hall, and Bike Culture included. The project shows the bars as applied to backgrounds at press conferences, the passport stamp, a monument, etc.


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