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Graphic Eye Play

Illustrator Noma Bar creates deceptively simple, trompe l’oeil compositions. For a new series of covers for Wallpaper, he took his work into three dimensions, constructing room sets using iconic designed objects, effectively flattening a room into surrealist blocks of color with the objects playing the tricks. Bar also does great book jacket designs, including some wonderfully minimal interpretations of Don Delillo’s collection, and redesigns for the Spellman series.

Draw with Type

A prototype for a new app turns the iPad into a high-tech fridge door with magnetic poetry. TypeIs allows for gestural layout of text, essentially giving users the ability to ‘draw’ with text. Blocks of text and imagery can be imported in to play with, and font, size, and color are all editable.

(Via DesignTaxi)

Vintage Magazine Art

We recently discovered Conde Nast’s terrific collection of vintage prints for order, with iconic images and covers from the pages of the New Yorker, Vogue, Harpers and more. For more vintage magazine love, a documentary on legendary graphic designer Herbert Matter was released  in 2011, featuring interviews with Massimo Vignelli and Jessica Helfand.

Tattoo Fun

Temporary tattoos are the latest (and increasing complex) hot accessory. These fun finger puppet tattoos, in themes of fairytale and farmlife, will be a hit with kids.

(Via Dezeen)

Printed Beauty

Even with richly beautiful and interactive apps like the Numberlys and this children’s book, we still love to curl up with an engrossing printed book – especially when well-designed, like these bold and clever covers for a Kafka collection.

Alice Rawsthorn also wrote about the enduring power of books in print and the exhibition, “The Printed Book: A Visual History,” which runs through May 13 in the Special Collections department of the University of Amsterdam.

100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design

Beautiful graphic design sensibilities must be acquired at birth in Switzerland. “100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design,” a new exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, shows off the country’s mastery of the trade – in a continuous frieze of 100 posters spanning 100 years, and various other Swiss goods, from magazines to packaging. Open February 10 to June 3.

(Image – Bruno Monguzzi)

Max Headspace Creativity Solstice

Painter Adam Sipe holds Max Headspace Creativity nights at his studio in Brooklyn. Check out this amazing visual timeline which captures an 8 hour evening of painting in just 2 minutes and 51 seconds.

Loving the Name

The Ampersand Conference is back for its second year, focusing for one day on all things typography and web design. To be held June 15 in Brighton.

The Wisdom of Paul Rand

We recently came across a few thoughtful and thought-provoking statements from the timeless Paul Rand…”Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated”; And to Steve Jobs while working with him: “Of course I’ll do lots of options; many many of them. But you won’t see them, you don’t have to. That’s my job.”…His website also contains a wonderfully extensive catalogue of his work.

(Image of Little 1 by Paul & Ann Rand)

Poster Collection

A gem of a poster collection resides online thanks to the Colorado State University and their International Invitational Poster Exhibition, running annually since 1991. The online database allows for a comprehensive and in-depth look at posters from the U.S., Colombia, Zimbabwe, Hungary and Japan, reflecting changing trends in graphic design.

(Image of  What a beautiful life!, 2003)


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