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Vignellis on Film


A new film delves into Massimo and Lella Vignelli’s incredible body of work and their enduring collaboration over 40 years. Out in October, Design is One covers the Vignelli’s influence in graphic, product, furniture, interiors and environment design – from their branding for American Airlines and Bloomingdales, to their subway maps and Heller dinnerware. All is woven together with extensive conversations with the couple, around their process, legacy and working together.

V&A Everyday


British designer Mark Blamire created a wall planner for the V&A that also serves as a work of art in itself. Inspired by a vintage Braun ad, Blamire designed illustrations and icons for each day of the year, many representing iconic objects in the museum’s collection, while others are familiar, everyday items. All are neatly lined up in a grey and white grid, with pink lettering punctuating the design.

Iconic Illustrations


Coming across the work of Polish graphic designer and illustrator Janusz Stanny brightened our day. His quirky style, wonderful layouts, graphic elements, and incorporation of collage – applied to posters and over 200 children’s books – are simply lovely.

Swap / Exchange


The Swap Show is an annual exhibition organized by Singapore design studio Foreign Policy Group – an ‘exchange & celebration’ of design work internationally. The 2013 show features the work of four Barcelona design studios. Foreign Policy Group designed the playful materials for the show, with an intriguing color palette and use of typography applied to the various posters and pamphlets.

Type Tees


Modern-enthusiast, type foundry studio House Industries just released a collection of shirts for Japanese retailer Uniqlo. The shirts all bear their signature fonts and retro-styled patterns, in bright, mod colors. A playful line – with nostalgic fonts, stripes and polka dots.

Illustrative Inspiration


Ukranian artist Kristyna Baczynski illustrates wonderfully playful patterns and scenes, imbuing them with inspiration from Ukranian folk art. She has a comic style and eye for color and implied texture, whether working with type and branding, 80s-inspired designs for t-shirts, or creating posters. Her lovely animals, creatures and comics are especially fun, like her series of Slavic folklore characters.

Getting Fit


In its final days at the Center For Architecture (closing Sept 7), “FitNation” is an exhibition in conjunction with NYC’s Active Design Guidelines and new Center for Active Design. The show presents “design, policy, and grassroots strategies to promote physical activity as part of daily life,” inspiring movement in its very exhibition design by Pentagram. Huge icons of people being active – swimming, running, skating, doing yoga – blanket the walls of the space against lovely blue backgrounds, and dimensional wall panels protrude from exhibition spaces, with encouraging typography seen activated at the right angles. Projects showing active design principles are on view, and suggestions for making environments more active are encouraged throughout.

Creative Wisdom


Creative students in D&AD’s network will soon have access to a concise, well-designed little book of advice. Simply titled, “The Creative Notebook” is a collection of words of wisdom and inspiration from industry professionals and graduates, serving as a great resource for those who may need a little push in their stressful student days. In a slim, notebook format, each page of ruled paper includes several wise quotes and hand-drawn accompanying illustrations.

Movable Type


Inspired by his favorite song, artist Antonius Bui hand-wrote the lyrics in looping black cursive on paper, which he then meticulously cut out. The result is a delicate, tactile form of the song, each section connected to form one whole, movable piece. Its a lovely expression of the impact of music, and how it informs other artforms.

Photo Fun


Photographer and stylist David Sykes creates fun, quirky scenes with a kitschy sensibility that’s all his own. He created a winking, hairy gummi bear for one issue cover of Monocle, and a great cut-paper construction of a medicine cabinet for another issue. All his work carries a great, witty humor with a hint of nostalgia.


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