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108 Seconds of Herman Miller

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It’s been passed around the web a bit, but “108 Years of Herman Miller (in 108 Seconds)” is worth a few minutes of your day. The video is a wonderful animation created by Dutch group Part of a Bigger Plan to celebrate the launch of “WHY,” the furniture company’s peek into their history and process. The engaging video walks you through the origins of the company, its unforgettable shift to modern design icon in producing work of George Nelson, the Eames, and Alexander Girard, into its role in workspace design today.

Color Search

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We recently discovered an addictive (and useful for creatives) search engine that allows users to easily scan Creative Commons-approved images on Flickr, based on color. The Multicolr Search Lab allows users to easily click on a range of colors, in various shades and hues. Up to 5 colors can be selected, and slide dividers can alter the percentage of each color (the images shown came from 100% deep blue).

MADE Quarterly


As big fans of printed matter, we delight in all the new, well-designed magazines and quarterlies that continue to pop into our world. MADE Quarterly is one of these great publications, with beautiful photography and lay-outs of interesting content on companies like Best Made Co, Uniform Wares, and Earth tu Face, a new California-based organic skin-care line. Based in Melbourne, MADE edition two was just released last week.

Play for Creativity


Everyone has their own tools and methods for getting out of creative ruts. Disruptus is a great new game, made purposely for clearing up cobwebs in the brain. Based in principles of disruptive thinking, players roll dice to either: Create; Improve; Transform; or Disrupt. Then, 2 cards are chosen, and players apply the verbs to the images, coming up with the most creative and original ideas possible in under a minute. Could be a great way to train your brain, whether for work or pleasure.

Kern & Burn


Kern & Burn is a new book from Tim Hoover and Jessica Karle Heltzel, based on the blog “100 Days of Design Entrepreneurship,” a collection of insights, interviews and advice from various successful design entrepreneurs. Illustrator Kate Bingaman-Burt talks of how to “Fail in Good Spirits,” and Peter Buchanan-Smith, founder of Best Made Co, implores readers to “Start Making.” For further glimpses into the great inspiration in the book, Fast Co. collects a few great tidbits from more leaders like Neil Blumenthal, co-founder of Warby Parker, and Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb.

Good Enough to Eat (Read?)


For those times when you finish off a sandwich so good, you wish you had something to remember it by…designer Pawel Piotrowski created his own one-of-a-kind, perfectly layered and handcrafted ham sandwich, in book form. Its breaded cover is a close-up image of soft wheat slices, and each ingredient (page) has its own great look and feel. Crinkled, folded lettuce contrasts with the smooth white and yellow of a fried egg. All a rare form of appreciation of the sandwich form.

Hide Your Stuff

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Hide your goods in cute bags with seeking eyes. Illustrators Craig & Karl collaborated with bag company MCM, covering the classic leathergoods with their fun, quirky, colorful style. The duo, based in New York and London, gave a set of be-speckled eyes to each bag, some winking in bright patterns, others donning polka-dotted or striped lids in various colors. All are a playful, summer-y take on a timeless brand.

Books Covering Walls

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Penguin continues to push the boundaries of book cover design – this time taking their cover designs to the streets. The publishing co. asked 10 graffiti artists to create an interpretation of 10 of their moden classics. The results are surprising and great – Stephen Powers’ Lights Out for the Territory by Iain Sinclair, painted by hand on glass, Dr. Jekyll’s dripping, layered American flag for Don Delillo’s Americana, and Italian artist Agostino’s terrific painting on the side of a barn for Nick Hornby’s How to be Good.

Unknown Inventors

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In case you missed the great “Innovations Issue” of the Sunday NY Times last month, you can check out their wonderful interactive version online, “Who Made That?”. In a perfectly engaging and simple format, users can navigate 48 stories of origination on products, services, and traditions (like brunch). Learn how Earle Dickson invented the Band-aid for his accident-prone wife in 1920, or how cheerleader George Henderson created the “Wave” we all participate in at baseball games.

Architectural Illustrations

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Italian illustrator Giacomo Bagnara’s background in architecture is evident in his playful, colorful compositions. He uses shapes, form and color like building blocks, stacking them linearly atop one another, or positioning them in city-like grids. He expertly flattens the planes of objects, in a vintage style that is also decidedly contemporary. All have a witty and fun demeanor, built within the rigor of geometry.


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