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Edible Bauhaus


The clean, geometric lines and balance of shape and form that the Bauhaus is so well-known for has inspired many furniture, jewelry, graphic and textile designers for years. Two food stylists in Berlin, Nicky&Max, took the iconic influence of László Moholy-Nagy and applied it to food – creating a series of playful, witty, modernist photographs. The sharp edges and stark white of a cracked egg shell balance with cups of orange juice in wooden holders, while cubed kiwi, triangles of cheese and round pools of honey form wonderful constructivist compositions.

Fenced In


In a great example of turning the ugly and overlooked into something beautiful and interesting, the Walker Art Centre commissioned Geoff McFetridge to create a mural along a temporary construction fence covering part of the building. Inspired by the long, narrow strip of canvas – which reminded him of a film strip – McFetridge created an animation of sorts, with characters morphing and progressing along laterally. We’d love to see more construction fencing offered up to designers.

Powerful Posters


Paul Rand’s iconic, genius-in-its-simplicity poster for IBM (above) is one of the many great designs of the last 50 years, collected by Graphic Design magazine. Some are immediately familiar – Milton Glaser’s psychedelic Bob Dylan poster, and Shepard Fairey’s Hope poster for the Obama 2008 campaign. Seymour Chast’s humorously powerful Vietnam Antiwar Poster (End Bad Breath) is also included, along with Steff Geissbuhler’s fantastic Alvin Ailey dancer font.

England, Mapped


Japanese illustrator Takayo Akiyama creates gorgeously involved maps celebrating British regions and culture. Her amazingly detailed London Nautical chart shows portholes looking onto the city maps as they are surrounded by elegant sea creatures. Her West of England Flannel map, commissioned by luxury brand Alfred Dunhill lovingly depicts the region, complete with cats and foxes as people in traditional dress.

Blog to Print


Under Consideration has covered terrific print work through its websites – For Print Only, Brand New, Art of the Menu and Quipsologies – for some time. Now they are connecting their great coverage back to the print world, by publishing a Quarterly covering the best of the blogs. The print versions serve as a nice companion to the original posts, simply giving title, credit, and a link to the post, all in lovely hand-bound form, on reclaimed makeready and test sheets from printers.

Letter Forms


Typography fans will love Little Book of Lettering, a new book out from Emily Gregory that presents the work of several artists and designers working with type in new ways. Andrew Joyce’s color combos for his hand-lettered type are inspired by NBA logos, and Carson Ellis also works by hand, illustrating her type with delicate flourish. Others, like Sean Freeman, compose in Photoshop, cutting, pasting and mashing together photographs and textures to form his lettering. All are masterfully working with type using all the tools available – whether looking to the history of sign painting, or combining hand-lettering with new technologies.

Flattened Architecture


Sometimes architecture can be overwhelming in its grandiosity and presence. Portuguese architect and illustrator André Chiote created a series of posters that re-configures some of the most iconic, large architectural museums into simplified, graphic forms. Gehry’s Vitra Design Museum becomes a monochromatic, grey abstraction, while Mario Botta’s SFMoma’s stripes become its central element. Each is transformed into an elegantly flattened version of its former, looming self.

You & I

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 2.09.20 PM

As big supporters of that lovable eponymous character the ampersand, we can’t resist the charms of artist/illustrator Steven Harrington’s huge fiberglass trademark. Called “You and I,” the glossy white sculpture is a great example of the human and pop art characters that Harrington uses often in his work. Check out this wonderful little video about Steven and his work, showing his process and revealing his motivations and inspirations behind his work.

Spring in Your Font


Embrace Spring with this round-up of floral fonts. Some are lovingly hand-drawn or painted flowers and blooms, while others are computer renderings of intricate floral cut-out patterns. Keziah Chong’s typeface is constructed simply of baby’s breath shoots and bits. And French designers Zim and Zhou’s font is handmade from brightly colored plasticine, with appealing fronds growing from each letterform.

Night Fall


The rush and power of a waterfall can certainly be felt at night – but not seen. Artists Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard of From the Lenz figured out a way to capture the beautiful natural phenomenons in the dark. The two sent powerful Cyalume glow sticks down waterfalls of Northern California, photographing the bright rainbows of color in long exposures as they fell. The results are beautifully surreal, showing and illuminating the natural movements of water in a new way.


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