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Woven Spectacles

A wonderful use of 3D Printing –  customizable frames with holes on all surfaces, for owners to weave unique mini tapestries perfect for their eyes only. On view at the Aram Gallery in London along with other novel uses of 3D Printing until Feb. 25.

Time in Words

If you are tired of looking at numbers, the Qlock2 offers a respite in the form of a minimalist, acrylic and lacquered wood square. Its matrix of letters changes every five minutes, gently and subtly illuminating the time.

Fold & Flux

Flux chairs beat the standard, clunky metal folding chairs by a mile. Assembled from one piece of material; folds up from envelope to chair, and back to flat for storage.

7,000+ Bags

Shaped in many forms (earrings, trash cans, candles, canisters, tissue boxes, cookie jars) and made from numerous materials (paper, plastic, ceramic, silver, glass, straw, vinyl, and burlap) you can glimpse a selection of Lee Forman’s collection online (she passed away in 2009).

The Museum of Bags (via Very Short List)

The Big Red Button

Tinker London for Russell Davies (MOMA Talk to Me exhibit)

NYTimes Candle Smells Like Newsprint

The candle, designed by the late Tobias Wong, generates the distinct smell of newsprint by combining “hints of guaiacwood, cedar, musk, spice, with a powdery note and velvet nuance.” As a creative figure, Wong was recognized for his witty design, mastery of stunts, and vivid conceptual prowess. This is a great example of his refined and unique sense of humor.

(via PSFK)

Hang Ten on a Beer Can Surfboard

The Beer Can Surfboard, by San Diego artist Rich Morrison is one of the coolest upcycling projects we have seen in a while. A functional surfboard coated in an epoxy resin and containing 72 beer cans — including Boddington’s Pub Ale, Budweiser, Modelo, PBR, and Rolling Rock — this surfboard began as an art project to complement Morrison’s Enviro Surf Art Series, but turned into the real deal ready to hit the waves.

300 Unique Porcelain Vases

Jongerius has produced the Hella Jongerius: Misfit Collector’s Edition: 300 unique porcelain vases, each made with great artisanal skill and technological sophistication in collaboration with the venerable Dutch ceramics house Royal Tichelaar Makkum. Each vase is an object of exceptional concept and beauty.

Stunningly beautiful — serial but all one-of-a-kind.

(via Phaidon Press Collector’s Editions)


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