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Words Matter


We had the pleasure of meeting Jason Bacher this week, cofounder with Brian Buirge of Good F*@! Design Advice, continuing our blog series on words.

The project, which began on a whim, has grown into a series of talks, workshops and goods aiming to encourage risk-taking and even failure. Their use of humor (and profanity) in their Classic Advice Print (family friendly version pictured above) has “grown to represent the passionate approach to being a creative that we often preach about and continue practice ourselves.”

Bookshelf: What We’re Reading


The fourth volume in the Palette series Palette 04: Neon delves into the the brightest color that exists — neon. The color has made a remarkable comeback of late and is surfacing everywhere from fashion to furniture. For those engaged in green design, The Environmental Design Pocketbook, is filled with diagrams, tools, and tips to guide architects, planners, and engineers on how to meet sustainable standards. Representing the roots, foundation, and perspective of 44 unique architects, The Images of Architects offers a privileged look at the images that inspire their creative worlds.

Image via gpoo

Milton Glaser: Design Icon


Renowned graphic design icon Milton Glaser designed the new posters for Mad Men’s final season. The 84-year-old veteran worked in advertising during the 1960s, making him and the fictional Don Draper contemporaries. This season’s poster is a whirl of colorful shapes and curling lines, a hybrid of late 60s flower power and Art Nouveau flora. The poster’s blurry lines hints at the show’s constant play between fiction and reality, but in typical Mad Men style reveals nothing concrete.

Image via 50 Watts

Fabricating Nature


An interesting trend has been emerging in the realm of 3D printing: the desire to create or re-create nature through digital fabrication. London-based artist, Yuri Pattison, was inspired to print meteor-like objects after the Chelyabinsk meteor was spotted in the Russian sky in February 2013. Listings for fragments of the meteor on eBay drove Pattison to contemplate culture’s fetishization of the ‘original’ object and conceive of an art project that used eBay images to assemble a 3D model. The results are hunks of printed steel and silver that serve as a meditation on ‘authentic’ vs. ‘imitation.’ In Slovenia, the University of Maribor is experimenting with 3D technology to grow living vegetation in their project printGREEN. Their ‘garden printer’ is fed a mixture of soil, water, and seed and then manipulated to create a variety of shapes… that grow!

Image via Dazed Digital by Baker & Evans

Sweet Weather


Häagen-Dazs continues to enlist top designers to tackle new forms of ice cream – last year it was Doshi Levien’s ice moon, and this year the 4-women Swedish design group Front created “Dawn and Dusk.” Each is a cloud-shaped confection – “Dawn,” an ombre-colored a golden hue, filled with Marc de Champagne Truffle flavor with Belgian Chocolate, and Almond Macaroon biscuit. And “Dusk,” a rosy pink ombre, contains Dulce de Leche and Cookies and Cream.

Coco in Motion

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.14.29 AM

Chanel recently completed a gorgeous online documentary, “Inside Chanel,” a series of nine films charting the story of the fashion house and its founder. Each film is a fabulously animated, black-and-white chapter of Chanel’s formation, combinations of illustrations, collage and old photos. Each of the stories, on Coco and her life, Chanel No. 5, and the famous jacket among others, is lovingly narrated and engrossing.

Package Play


Whimsical designer Matali Crasset has designed a new use for cookie packaging – as building material for kids’ toys. The Parisian designer was asked to rethink the packaging of the iconic butter cookies Le Véritable Petit Beurre. Newly-designed packs will come with pictographic instructions on how to make the little toys, with additional variations available on their website.

Craft in Action


For a beautiful glimpse into a focused world of incredible skill and attention to detail in craft, check out Hermès’ microsite and mini-movie dedicated to the hands behind their products – “Hearts and Craft”s. The film is a quiet, slow look at the work of nine Hermès craftspeople, and their behind-the-scenes processes. From a glass maker to a leather cutter and craftsman, each takes their own vocation and makes each object into a work of art.

Type Tees


Modern-enthusiast, type foundry studio House Industries just released a collection of shirts for Japanese retailer Uniqlo. The shirts all bear their signature fonts and retro-styled patterns, in bright, mod colors. A playful line – with nostalgic fonts, stripes and polka dots.


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