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Creative Wisdom


Creative students in D&AD’s network will soon have access to a concise, well-designed little book of advice. Simply titled, “The Creative Notebook” is a collection of words of wisdom and inspiration from industry professionals and graduates, serving as a great resource for those who may need a little push in their stressful student days. In a slim, notebook format, each page of ruled paper includes several wise quotes and hand-drawn accompanying illustrations.

IKEA Everywhere


For those who need to experience how new furniture fits in their home to really get an idea if it works, IKEA just released an augmented reality app with their 2014 catalogue. Available Aug 25, the catalogue will work with iOS and Android apps to let you preview over 90 products in your home. Simply place the catalogue on the floor of the room, scan the page you want, and a digital version of the chair, couch, table, etc will appear where you place it in the room. You can move around, viewing from different angles, and really feel it out to try before you buy.

Photo Fun


Photographer and stylist David Sykes creates fun, quirky scenes with a kitschy sensibility that’s all his own. He created a winking, hairy gummi bear for one issue cover of Monocle, and a great cut-paper construction of a medicine cabinet for another issue. All his work carries a great, witty humor with a hint of nostalgia.

Mini You


Ten lucky Muji shoppers can soon have their very own little action figure of themselves, through a contest the Japanese shop is holding. Customers purchasing will be entered to win the chance to have their family scanned and 3D printed in miniature form. One lucky grand-prize winner gets a free trip anywhere in the world, to be met at their destination by the models of themselves.



A wonderfully genius collaboration between Warner Bros and JWT Brazil, children’s chemotherapy bags were re-branded as “Superformula.” To help introduce kids with leukemia to the concept of the treatment, Warner Bros sketch artists created entire comic book stories that emulate the kids’ own cancer fight, with the superformula as the solution. A simple protective case with superhero logos was devised to cover treatment bags, and kids are given the comics to read and understand the process. Check out the heartwarming video explaining the project.

Useful Advertising


A brilliant new ad campaign by IBM’s People for Smarter Cities project turns the ads themselves into useful urban “props,” helping actually make cities smarter in their clever designs. The incredibly simple concept consists of clean, one-color billboards becoming: a bench for pausing and taking a seat; a ramp that drapes over concrete stairs; and a little arc-ed rain cover for ducking away from a storm. The great execution makes often-unwanted billboard advertising into people-friendly, useful tools for navigating urban life.

Kids Get Cooking


A new app from Great British Chefs and British supermarket Tesco aims to help get kids more involved in cooking, with a playful interface and over 100 recipes that kids can get involved with. Illustrator Rebecca Sutherland created several animated characters based on standard ingredients – onions, mushrooms, etc. – which then take kids through the easy steps of recipes created by 21 top chefs. Instructional videos are also included on basic cooking techniques – like how to whisk cream, and how to sauce a pizza.

Play for Relief

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 2.55.50 PM

Respond & Rebuild, a wonderful grassroots volunteer group that formed in working with relief efforts in Haiti and New Orleans, is working with agency Mother New York on a new approach to disaster relief – using Farmville. They developed a simple campaign and site, “Repair the Rockaways,” allowing users to buy bricks to re-build houses that remain devastatingly damaged after Hurricane Sandy. With a goal of $250,000, the campaign is off to a good start with $2,600, but needs many more bricks – get 20 for $10. Players can meet Rockaways residents along the way in characters dotting the map, giving a full picture of the damage and repair needed.

World of Props


British photographer Victoria Ling specializes in creating surreal, colorful, otherworldly scenes with great props, backdrops and lighting. Whether with stitched and felted fake food from prop maker Anna Lomax, or a city atop a diamond from set designer Kyle Bean, her engaging images pop with wit and humor. We are enamored with the little worlds she creates.

Spring Geometry

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 11.11.22 AM

Fashion promo mini-films provide a perfect tiny mental/visual inspiration break. New from illustrator and film-maker Quentin Jones for jeweler House of Waris is this gem. Referencing 80s-era MTV videos, it still feels new and fresh with a Spring-y pastel animation of geometric forms morphing into surreal floral forms.


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