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Drink it Up


A billboard in Peru is providing much more than a visual glimpse of another ad for passers-by. In a collaboration between the University of Engineering and Technology in Lima and ad agency Mayo DraftFCB, the incredible billboard actually produces purified drinking water – generating 25 gallons per day. In an effort to show off the capabilities of the University, while also solving problems of lack of drinking water in Lima, the billboard uses an inverse osmosis filtration system to take advantage of the unusual high humidity in the air above the city, filtering it down to a water tap at its base. Anyone can access and use the cool, clean water, providing many families using polluted wells with a wonderful alternative.

Spring Play

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Hermés has us longing for Spring with its new campaign, Vive le Sport, consisting of mini stop-motion animated videos showing their new wares taking up Spring sporting activities. Against a perfect blue sky and green grass, croquet balls roll over brightly hued ties, shoes play hop-scotch, and lavish pillows snooze on the lawn. One great short shows a trio of Hermés bags shifting on chairs as they watch a ping-pong match between Hermés patterned plates.

Wool on Parade

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Tasked with creating objects to help promote textile co. Kvadrat at this year’s Stockholm Design Week, designers Doshi Levien choreographed a wool ballet of sorts. The Wool Parade consists of abstract geometric objects made from wool, which all take on character-like forms. Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s Bauhaus work “Triadisches Ballett,” the duo created a lovely animated video in which the colorful, tactile forms dance and bounce across the screen, making for an endearing and mesmerizing scene.

Taking Time

London department store Selfridges is taking a surprising turn with new campaign “No Noise.” Using our cluttered, harried and digital-focused lives as an inspiration, the company is encouraging calm and quiet through various experiences throughout the store. With the “Quiet Shop,” they offer a collection of minimalist, understated designs from Jil Sander, Uniformwares and others, alongside “de-branded” products, iconic wares without their flashy branding. They also partnered with meditation experts Headspace to create pods scattered in stores, each offering different guided meditations. For more, check out their site.

Penguin Personalities

Penguin Books’ little black, white and orange logo has become an icon for the publisher, established in 1935. So, it naturally serves well to be re-interpreted for a recent campaign, “More than just the classics,” representing the range of genres with playfully animated illustrations. The immediately recognizable, silhouetted animal becomes a well-trimmed hedge for “Gardening,” a buttoned-and-stitched craft version for “Hobbies,” and a delightful map for “Travel.”

Future of Food

Would you value potatoes more from a high-end fashion brand? Or be more likely to dumpster dive if there was a special compartment for still-fresh foods? These quirky concepts are the result of a recent design research study into various foodie groups throughout Europe, in an attempt to determine future trends in food. Other concepts include a plate with a spot for a sprig of herbs for self-seasoning, and a way to order recipe ingredients to your door ASAP. Overall, the group determined: “Food is no longer about physical, emotional, or even social needs. It revolves around self-expression and status.”

More than a Tweet

The twitterverse is becoming ripe for creative bargaining – we’ve written about tweets being used to compose songs, raising money for an orchestra. Tweets get musical again – and this time, fast and attentive Blu Dot fans win a chair. The furniture company has devised a twitter version of musical chairs, recruiting New York band Doppio to provide the tunes for the classic game. When the music stops, a phrase appears, and the fastest  tweeter wins one of 100 chairs.

Compose a Tweet

Many people rattle off tweets without a second thought, making twitter a cacophony of ideas, opinions and links. A recent campaign turned the usual ramblings into beautiful compositions of music, all for a good cause. To help fund Amsterdam’s Metropole Orchestra, the lovely Tweetphony was created, allowing anyone to compose snippets of music via twitter. Users simply used the embedded virtual piano to write their masterpieces and submitted them, thereby entering to win having their tweet composition played by the orchestra.

Fair Trade For Good

It’s Fair Trade Month – time to start supporting the companies that protect the environment, pay fair wages, and produce quality goods. Many companies have Fair Trade practices, and are now certified and supported by labeling as such. Learn more about what fair trade is, and what you can some companies are doing for it here.

Retro-Future Prada

OMA – Rem Koolhaas’ architectural firm – has ventured beyond physical collaboration to help introduce Prada’s retro-futuristic new 2012 line. A film and scenography depicts “a dystopian society of machines and jagged geometries…” according to the designers. Models walk through collaged sci-fi sets, to the tune of machine-made bleeps and bops.


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