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Missing Sounds

Do you recall the feeling of anticipation as you listened to the fizzing noises of your 56K modem connecting to the Internet? The tapping of the chunky keys on your first cellphone? Soon, sleek silent interfaces will make these old familiar sounds obsolete. However, the Museum of Endangered Sounds founded by Brendan Chilcutt aims to preserve these low quality bitmap sounds for future generations. The online archive features sounds from old technologies, such as the ringing of rotary phone, loading of VCRs and connecting modems – simply click on the image and listen.

Food Flight

No one looks forward to a meal on an airplane. But many don’t realize that the poor flavor of food in-flight actually has to do more with the environmental factors than bad cooking. British Airways is combating the lackluster meals with the cheekily-named Height Cuisine, working with experts taking into account altitude, air pressure, and humidity to make airplane food more palatable. Leatherhead Food Research’s team of scientists conducted a series of taste-tests on board, finding that delicate foods tend to lose their flavor. In turn, British Airways is adapting their menus, with items like Indian chicken tikka and rich tortellacci with tomato and olive.

Visualizing Calories

Designers are responding to the copious amount of conflicting nutritional advice available by seeking to clarify confusion with clear info-graphics. A “a one-size fits all” approach is no longer appropriate. The food pyramid, which was once was solid and undisputed, has been through a number of re-designs, including a competition held by GOOD magazine in 2010. More recently, a group of young British designers created Fat or Fiction: a fun, visually-compelling way to get informed about calories.

Designed Departure

Heed the Mayan calendar with wit and creativity, via Just in Case – an end-of-the-world survival kit. The bold yellow and black packaging includes some basics – water, matches, and some special twists – Chocolate Abuelita and Xtabentun D’aristi, a Mayan liqueur, to take the edge off, and a Notebook – “in case you start to feel philosophical.”

Charming Journey

Forever fanciful, Louis Vuitton celebrated the release of their air balloon bag charm with a beautifully animated short video. Directed by Christian Borstlap it imagines the wonderful adventures of the charm as it floats through different (LV-branded) fantasy worlds. (Note the monogrammed trunk clouds.)

This project continues a period of whimsy for the company. For their Spring/Summer Paris show, models paraded on a carousel – a theme which was carried over to store windows (pictured above).

Urban Pandas

An adorable new campaign for the Tokyo Zoo uses geomapping, challenging users to explore the city via bike or walking, creating animals along the way of their routes. Through twitter, visitors request which animals they’d like to see, and a team of cartographers trace and upload routes to the Tokyo Zoo Project website. Rider/walkers can follow the somewhat complex paths of a panda, giraffe, elephant, seal, and more. The routes include fun markers along the way, highlighting winding streets, beautiful gardens, and inviting cafes.

(Via Inhabitat)


Visual Journeys

A new film entitled Anthropocene uses data visualization to tell on visually-rich story about the way the population has lived and travelled for the past 250 years. It is the result of the astounding dedication of Canadian anthropologist Felix Pharand, who spent 13 years inputting every flight path, road and shipping route on earth. The beauty of the imagery is contrasted by the narration which aims to illuminate the environmental impact that our increased expedition has had.

Spreading Generosity

Chocolatier Anthon Berg bet on the sweet treat’s positive properties to bring a little more generosity to the world. A clever campaign for the company involved the one-day opening of a pop-up Generous Store. Customers chose their selected candy, and checked out by agreeing to do a good deed for a friend or loved one.

(Via Springwise)

Prada Collage

Prada gets artistic with their nostalgic Fantasy Lookbook for the Spring/Summer collection. Models donning new bright styles drift among scenes, ads and phrases clipped from vintage magazines, forming fun and clever collage vignettes.

(Via MyFDB)

Iconic Bottle

Always fans of watching brands evolve, it was nice to come across this image highlighting the history of the iconic and beloved Coca-Cola bottle from 1899. The bottle was celebrated last year on its 94th anniversary, and will turn 95 soon.


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