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Sci-Fi Gastronomy

The classic KitchenAid mixer is known for its abilities making traditional baked goods, but experiential food experimenters Bompass & Parr are proving it can go a lot further. Celebrating the launch of the 6.9L Artisan Stand Mixer, KitchenAid are working with Bompas & Parr to host A Culinary Odyssey – “an evening which will explore the future of food using iconic meals and visions of the future from classic science-fiction.” Held on March 21st at One Marylebone in London, the innovative gastronomic menu for the night will include sci-fi inspired synthetic meats, low gravity food, food pills, and a take on the infamous Solyent Green.

(Via HomeBuildLife)

Showcases of Fashion

Hermès has enlisted several international designers to create window displays for their Spring lines. Nendo envisioned a “wandering forest” concept with minimal tree branches holding hats and scarves; Eindhoven-based Kiki van Eijk created Alice in Wonderland-like scenes with watercolor; and lush green animals display the company’s wares in Paris.

Kony 2012 Campaign

Story telling has always been an important aspect of design. New social media platforms have expanded the potential for global communication – from funny stories to more serious ones. Kony 2012 has launched a beautiful video to tell a tragic story about the guerilla warfare in Uganda. The campaign utilizes new media platforms by encouraging viewers to share their views through Facebook or Twitter, by messaging policy makers or by choosing more traditional modes of communication such as posters campaigns to bring awareness to this important issue.

The Greatest Stories Being Told

Short of the Week expanded their end-of-year Top Ten List into a multiday Awards Series featuring the best of the best – from animation to live-action. Check out stop-motion, Address is Approximate, a Pixar-like adventure where objects in the office take over computers to experience the outside world.

Explore Ads from Back in the Day

In a world of virtual pop-ups and scrolling ads, the Vintage Ad Browser makes us nostalgic for the days of print-focused ads. The collection is amazingly comprehensive, with ads – Animals, Future, Cars, Household, etc – dating every decade back to 1840.

(Via Herman Miller)

Tod’s Shoes Have Fun

Filmmaker Marcus Gaab created a short film showing the new Tod’s collection flying, jumping, walking and dancing (with feet in them and without). Highlighted by pops of color, in and on top of boxes, the shoes have fun.

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

The amazing ribbon artist, Baku Maeda on Ribbonesia creates delicately twisted and folded animal heads from simple spools of ribbon. The intricate sculptural work celebrating the Year of the Dragon is especially beautiful.

(Via Design Envy)

IKEA Apartment in the Parisian Metro

Five lucky IKEA fans get to play house in an apartment built & outfitted with the company’s goods inside a Paris metro station. The roommates eat, sleep, and work in the space from January 9 -14th to exhibit how well the products function in small spaces. Check out a montage of the making.

(via Creativity Online)

Skype in the Classroom

Fresh off beta testing, Skype in the Classroom is a new program helping teachers connect and expand their resources outside the classroom. Teachers can talk to each other and share tips, and find and create projects for their students. Projects include Pen Pal opportunities, partner classes, and guest speakers for learning activities. The program builds on an exciting opportunity for students in Birmingham, Alabama to connect with and learn from students in say, Nice, France.

IBM “Data Baby”

Beautiful visualizations of all the data a baby in a neo-natal ward generates – “over a thousand pieces of unique information per second.” This 2010 video was part of the IBM Smarter Planet campaign.


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