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Hello World!

Hello World by Valentin Ruhry is an installation artwork featuring lettering composed of illuminated rocker switches. The binary nature of the on/off switches and the message “Hello World” are references to the foundations of computer programming; one of the first earliest computer programs was one that printed the phrase “Hello World”.

Hello World is one piece from the exhibition Fünf Räume (German for Five Rooms), which is currently showing at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York until the 5th of September and features site-specific installations by four other emerging artists.

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100 Smiles

A dose of happiness can be found anywhere, as long as you look with an open mind. Demonstrating this philosophy is recent Yale Graphic Design MFA graduate Juan Astasio, with his project titled 100 Smiles. Using a camera, Astasio set out to find “smiles” in his surroundings and photographed each one. All photographs were then compiled into a website that plays Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle, as you browse.

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