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Musical Play


Artist and designer Francois Chambard teamed up with UM Project to create a collection of 12 sculptural theremins, each of which has its own lovely character. The theremins all have the requisite antenna, knobs and interior electronics, constructed of wood and metal, with pops of color and engaging flourishes. All will be on display, and will be periodically performed, at Judith Charles Gallery, NYC through November 10.

Supporting Art and Design


A new organization in Brooklyn modeled after CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs, connects talented artists and designers with potential collectors, while providing the collectors with new creative goods. From 300+ applicants, the CSA + D jury selected 12 participating makers, who have been working away at their contributions. Collectors can choose to purchase a share of either 3 or 6 artworks, and on October 19, pick up their boxes of original art and design. Win / win.

(Image of Adam Frezza & Terry Chiao’s work)

Skate Art


The Sk8room in Brussels is a gallery and skateboard producer working with artists to use skateboards as a canvas. Their most recent collaboration is with Ai Weiwei, who created a series of three boards with imagery of his past installations, along with inspirational quotes. Prior artists who created editions for Sk8room include Damien Hirst, Richard Prince, and John Baldessari.

Sound to Light

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.48.42 PM

“Murmur” is an installation that shows sounds in beautiful, enlightened visual form on a wall. Created by collaborators Chevalvert, 2Roqs, Polygraphik and Splank, the device allows users to talk, mumble, sing into a cone connected to an LED strip, which leads to a wall. As sounds are directed into the cone, in response lights travel up the strip to produce a reactive light show on the wall. Check out Murmur in use here.

Rainbow Ceiling


A new installation by French-born, Tokyo-based architect Emmanuelle Moureaux creates a hovering rainbow of color within a space, using 840 sheets of paper. ‘100 Colors’ shows off that many hues selected from Japanese paper maker Takeo, each hanging in a line suspended from the ceiling. White beanbags are placed below to encourage visitors to experience the colors from various angles, and circles representing each color line the walls, where visitors can mark their favorite hue.

Pushing Ceramic Boundaries


The first museum exhibition of renowned potter Adam Silverman’s work opens at Laguna Art Museum in CA on Oct 27. Concurrently, Adam Silverman Ceramics, a great collection of his ceramics, with a forward by Shepard Fairey, will be released this week by Rizzoli. Silverman, who runs Heath LA’s creative direction, experiments with unconventional glazes, layering them to produce lava-like textures and depth. Book release parties will be held at Heath SF on Sept. 27, and Heath LA on Sept. 28.

(Image of Silverman’s Boolean Valley)

Meadow in NYC


A corner of Chelsea in NYC has been turned into a lovely sheep’s meadow, thanks to collector Michael Shvo and Paul Kasmin Gallery. They’ve organized an exhibition of artist François-Xavier Lalanne’s epoxy stone and bronze “Moutons,” creating a grassy home for them at Getty Station – a former filling station – turned into a public art program. The meadow is bound by a white picket fence, on view at 10th Ave. & 24th St.

Calder to Quinze


Artist and architect Arne Quinze recently completed a large-scale installation in honor of structural renovations to the MAMAC Museum in Nice, France. With its title, “Hommage à Alexander Calder,” the work is sited next to, and builds upon an existing steel sculpture of Calder’s. Quinze took inspiration from Calder in form, creating a large, arc’ed canopy with similar curving lines to its inspiration. However, he departed from the solid steel material, using his signature controlled, chaotic style, creating a mass of orange and white wooden sticks to make up the form.

Illustrative Inspiration


Ukranian artist Kristyna Baczynski illustrates wonderfully playful patterns and scenes, imbuing them with inspiration from Ukranian folk art. She has a comic style and eye for color and implied texture, whether working with type and branding, 80s-inspired designs for t-shirts, or creating posters. Her lovely animals, creatures and comics are especially fun, like her series of Slavic folklore characters.

Gallery Branches


An installation at Paris’ Palais de Tokyo morphs and twists a grid of white structural beams into an impressive tangle of wood. Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira designed the sculpture as a giant Gordian Knot (a legend referring to an intractable problem.) Oliveira created the branch forms from reclaimed tapumes – a Brazilian plywood material used around construction sites – twisting and bending it into shape, adding veneers for texture. The installation has the great effect of looking as though organic, chaotic nature took over the clean, minimal architectural space. On view through September 29.


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