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Air Art


Many old military airplanes no longer in use end up in the deserts of Arizona, where they sit in areas termed “boneyards.” Gallerist Eric Firestone saw these discarded artifacts as potential canvases, and since 2010, has been inviting artists to revive the planes with their unique work. They are now on view in Tuscon, Arizona’s Pima Air and Space Museum, where the incredible works of Kenny Scharf, Faile, Andrew Schoultz, and Bast can be seen. Check out this video with interviews with Firestone and the artists, as they create their works of art.

Fashion in Many Forms


We pop around the corner from our office every so often to check out Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov’s shop and fun, quirky, inspiring clothes. Vibskov also dabbles in many other art forms, creating videos, elaborate sets for his fashion shows, and now with a show at Galerie des Galeries in Paris, “Neck Plus Ultra.” The impressive, surreal installation uses textiles, wool, wood and metal to explore the form of the neck in tactile ways.

Urban Revisions


We have been admirers of urban interventionist artist Aakash Nihalani’s work for a while, and recently came across this gorgeous re-appropriation of a stop sign in New York. Nihalani is best known for his tape ‘graffiti,’ in which he makes public art on the fly, in witty geometric forms. He uses tape in ways we never would have considered, and adjusts our perspective on the world ever so slightly. We look forward to seeing an installation he’s working on with MTA Arts in Transit and Two Trees in the York Street subway station in Brooklyn. Check out this interview with him.

Illuminating Events


Artists working with light as a medium are illuminating England lately. Twenty-two artists’ work is being shown through April 28 at the Hayward Gallery in London, in “Light Show.” Works by Leo Villareal, Jim Campbell, Jenny Holzer and others immerse viewers in new experiences of light within space and time. Concurrently, Bruce Munro installed a room of light and sound at Waddeson Manor in England, with shimmering curtains inspired by a Finnish composer, the Northern lights, and circling birds – on view through October.

You & I

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 2.09.20 PM

As big supporters of that lovable eponymous character the ampersand, we can’t resist the charms of artist/illustrator Steven Harrington’s huge fiberglass trademark. Called “You and I,” the glossy white sculpture is a great example of the human and pop art characters that Harrington uses often in his work. Check out this wonderful little video about Steven and his work, showing his process and revealing his motivations and inspirations behind his work.

Night Fall


The rush and power of a waterfall can certainly be felt at night – but not seen. Artists Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard of From the Lenz figured out a way to capture the beautiful natural phenomenons in the dark. The two sent powerful Cyalume glow sticks down waterfalls of Northern California, photographing the bright rainbows of color in long exposures as they fell. The results are beautifully surreal, showing and illuminating the natural movements of water in a new way.



We wrote recently about new technologies using 3D printing in healthcare, with amazing printed organs and limbs. Chocolate is already a popular material that was easily adapted to a 3D printer. But hamburgers and pasta? Designer Janne Kyttanen printed hamburger and pasta shapes in plastic and plaster – to get ideas rolling on applying the technology to the food we eat. Kyttanen’s pasta shapes are intricate, ornamental forms, while his burgers are doubled-up, oddly morphed versions of the familiar, showing the possibilities in the future.

Package Art


Artist Bradley Hart uses bubble wrap for much more than just packaging and delightfully popping it. He uses it to create his pixelated acrylic paintings, injecting each single tiny bubble with paint from a syringe, to form the incredible larger picture. Check out some shots of his process here, and if you’re in NYC, you can see his work in person at gallerynine5.

Floral Ceiling

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 12.45.27 PM

Our longing for Spring was made a little bit easier recently coming across the lovely installation of German artist Regine Ramseier. She very carefully suspended 2,000 fluffy dandelion flowers from the ceiling of a gallery as part of ArToll Summer Lab 2011, creating an instant blanket of spring indoors. Ramseier documented her painstaking process in photos, from picking each one, to transporting them hung from string in her car, to installing each one by one in a custom ceiling-mounted board.

Water Wear


Young Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen has explored the elements and their interaction with the human body in her work, creating collections inspired by crystallization and lightning, and using 3D-printed techniques. For a new project, she will create a dress from water – sort of. The one-off dress will be inspired by photographer Nick Jones’ photos of water being thrown at artist Daphne Guinnes, and the collaboration will all be documented live on film at site SHOWStudio from April 3-9.


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