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Paul Smith at Design Museum


On November 15, the Design Museum London will open the first retrospective for fashion designer Paul Smith, who is even helping to curate the show himself. Celebrating his career to date, it will chart his history, from his first store opening in Nottingham. It will be evocative of his quirky style, including his love of cycling and a re-creation of his office, complete with the books and objects he looks to for inspiration.

Color Range

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Brooklyn-based knitwear designer Annie Larson’s line of sweaters and hats are wearable works of art – a blend of 80s colors, crazy patterns, and well-crafted, hand-linked construction. Larson weaves incredible geometric patterns in bright oranges and blues, pinks and greens (like the striped and checkerboard sleeves here). All her creations are fun and fantastical, sure to break you out of grey winter doldrums.

Conscious Consumers


Many of us now keep tabs on where our food comes from – but what about clothing and other goods? Ethica is a new online retailer working to make it easier and more transparent where clothing comes from, and how it gets to your closet. They sell wares from socially and environmentally responsible sources, dividing each product into five ethical qualities – Sustainable; Made in the US; Trade Not Aid; Handcrafted; and Vegan. Everything they sell fits into at least one of these categories, making it a good buy on all fronts.

Coco in Motion

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Chanel recently completed a gorgeous online documentary, “Inside Chanel,” a series of nine films charting the story of the fashion house and its founder. Each film is a fabulously animated, black-and-white chapter of Chanel’s formation, combinations of illustrations, collage and old photos. Each of the stories, on Coco and her life, Chanel No. 5, and the famous jacket among others, is lovingly narrated and engrossing.

Jewels by JAR


Opening in November at the Metropolitan Museum, “Jewels by JAR” will be the museum’s first exhibition of a contemporary gem artist, Joel A. Rosenthal, who lives and works in Paris. The retrospective will include JAR’s classical flower shapes, objects d’art and organic forms studded with impeccable diamonds, citrines, tourmalines, garnets and more.  A sparkly treat, open November 20 through March 9.

Craft in Action


For a beautiful glimpse into a focused world of incredible skill and attention to detail in craft, check out Hermès’ microsite and mini-movie dedicated to the hands behind their products – “Hearts and Craft”s. The film is a quiet, slow look at the work of nine Hermès craftspeople, and their behind-the-scenes processes. From a glass maker to a leather cutter and craftsman, each takes their own vocation and makes each object into a work of art.

Type Tees


Modern-enthusiast, type foundry studio House Industries just released a collection of shirts for Japanese retailer Uniqlo. The shirts all bear their signature fonts and retro-styled patterns, in bright, mod colors. A playful line – with nostalgic fonts, stripes and polka dots.

Travel Attire


Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou creates clothes we want to escape into visually. She has always had an eye for overabundant combinations of patterns, and her Resort 14 collection is no different. Using photographic imagery of luscious fields of flowers, and repeating patterns constructed from colorful buildings, she creates magical postcards with each piece.

Industry of One


Industry of One is a lovely new site profiling various interesting and stylish people whose work seamlessly melds with their way of life. Rich photographs, engaging writing, and interesting interviews give a glimpse into the worlds of: Jack, the proprietor of Jack’s Coffee in the West Village; fashion designer Brandon Sun; and florist Amy Merrick, to name a few.

Fashioned Plastic


Swedish designer Johanna Törnqvist works with an unexpected material to make her dresses, tops and jewelry – trash. In an effort to make excess consumption more visible, she meticulously crafts beautifully executed wares from plastic wrappers, bags, and string. She pleats and stitches the unconventional materials, making colorful and precise creations that are surprising in their fit and shapes.


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