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Liquid Crystal Canvas

Korean artist Hybe’s work plays out on a monochrome LCD screen, displaying a mesmerizing and serene two-minute video. “Iris” uses a grid of circular, black liquid crystals which open and close like the iris of eyes, phasing in patterns and scenes. A video of the work can be seen here, and in-person, viewers can interact with it via Kinect, fluidly moving the matrix as they move.

Digital Richter

Famed German painter Gerhard Richter abandoned the traditional brush-on-canvas, embracing technology and making a surprising move toward digital renderings for a new show at Marian Goodman Gallery in NYC. In his “Strip Paintings,” Richter uses his past work to create new, sampling sections from older paintings and using image-editing software to form new imagery. The effect makes for strips of color, hypnotically stacked up on each print. The show is on view through October 13, and a new documentary on the painter was also recently released.

Cloud of Light

Calgary artist Caitlind Brown created an electrical cloud frenzy with her light installation incorporating 1,000 working light bulbs, with 5,000 more donated burnt bulbs – in cloud form. The piece appeared as part of late-night arts festival Nuit Blanche in Alberta September 15th. Visitors pulled the switches of the working bulbs, causing the cloud to flicker and shimmer.

Trace and Go

“Trace” is a new app for the iPad allowing architects and designers to do just that – trace – over imagery, sketches, plans, etc. The yellow trace “paper” sketches can be emailed, or layered over one another to allow for an easy view of revisions, and the opacity level can also be adjusted. The app gives users an entire flat files’ worth of work, all within the iPad.

The Nose Knows

If you’ve always wanted to create your own unique perfume, the Museum of Arts and Design is hosting workshops this fall on the topic of “Olfactory Engineering.” The “Workshops in Scent” include sessions with master perfumer Yves Cassar on natural essence in perfume, and “Create Your own Essence” with Carlos Bennaim.

(Image of CB I Hate Perfume)

Drama in a Bubble

Commes des Garçons’ monochromatic Spring/Summer 2012 takes over a series of transparent, inflatable domes for an exhibition at Les Docks-Cité de la Mode et du Design gallery in Paris. CDG’s Rei Kawakubo developed the concept for the exhibition of the dramatic collection. “White Drama” is on view through October 7.

Book Covers Galore

They do say that you can’t judge a book by its cover…but cover art can also impeccably encapsulate the essence of a book, showing it all off in one glance. The Book Cover Archive is a fantastic new database for this art, searchable by illustrator, author, designer, publisher, etc., and a great overall glimpse of the enduring world of book covers in the digital age.


Ribs of Books

For the new Vennesla Library, Norwegian architects Helen & Hard developed a combination of structure, furniture and interior in one architectural element: the timber “rib”. These multi-functional curved structures give the generously open space a striking consistent aesthetic, and also serve as book storage and personal study zones nestled along the perimeter. The architectural elements help encourage the library to be used as a space for knowledge, connection or personal reflection.

(Via Dezeen)

Art of Sport

“Football’s not a matter of life and death … it’s more important than that” asserted former Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly – and many football (or soccer) fans would certainly agree. Art of Sport was founded by two designers, John Paul Stallard, co-founder of SOLV, and Rob Duncan, Creative Director of Dowling Duncan, as a way to incorporate their love of sport with their appreciation of modern design; “As much as we loved our team, our girlfriends (and later our wives) wouldn’t have a giant Man U banner hanging above the mantel.” These beautiful, minimalist posters subtly incorporate team history, colors, names, and mythology.

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