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Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milan

Launched May 1st – with 145 countries participating, 184 days of events, and over 20 million visitors expected – Expo Milano explores the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”  The New York Times recently examined the feast of architectural styles at the worlds fair, which, James Biber architect of the American Pavilion described as an “identity parade.” His design, “American Food 2.0: United to Feed the People” includes a vertical farm – a 7,200 square-foot crop wall growing 42 varieties of vegetables, grains and herbs – and a boardwalk from repurposed Coney Island wood.

If Milan isn’t in your travel plans, you can still take a virtual tour, and follow their feed on Instagram.

Destination is never a place…..


Wert&Co.’s founders recently travelled to the state of Chiapas Mexico, spending time in the deeply beautiful Mayan culture. Known for it’s colorful and intricate clothing and textile design, there was much visual delight — but on a deeper level it was also rich in learnings about the complexity within societies. For more imagery follow Judy’s instagram.

Evidence is piling up on the power of time off, not simply to disengage from our plugged in 24/7 lifestyle, but as a way to unleash creative thinking.  In a radical fashion, designer Stefan Sagmeister takes an extended sabbatical every seven years which he discussed in a popular TED talk about his motivations and the ideas that flow back into his work as a result.

Rose are Red….


Lilacs, False blue, White, Purple, Color of lilac, Your great puffs of flowers….

As the East Coast begins to thaw, we are counting the days in anticipation of trying the LikeThat Garden app which works like a Shazam for flowers. Available for free, it promises to turn even the most hardened urbanist into a botanist.

(Quote from Poem ‘Lilacs’ by Amy Lowell)

Tiptoeing To Twenty Fifteen


With Thanks for your Partnership & Warmest Wishes for a Very Happy Holiday & Peaceful New Year!

Art Shift


It’s been fun keeping eye out for new art that rotates on Rag & Bone’s shop at Houston and Elizabeth streets. In April and May, one of our favorite grafitti artists, Aakash Nihalani, turned the wall into an eye-bending green, pink and black geometric vortex. And in June and July, Erik den Breejen created a pixelated, pink and blue image of David Bowie, built from word blocks of lyrics. The newest iteration is from painter Henry Samuelson, whose “White Noise” brings another trick of the eye, building well upon his predecessors.

Type City

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 1.18.11 PM

For typography-obsessed New Yorkers and visitors who wander the city distracted by the wondrous layers of old and new type on offer, you can share your finds and browse other’s at NYC_Type. A terrific aggregate of user-generated shots of hand-lettered, painted, imprinted, etc lettering that inhabits the city, the site is a great twist on exploring the city through it’s written words.

Vuitton Atelier


Our neighboring Louis Vuitton store recently expanded into the space next door, providing a little more transparency into their hand-crafted process with an atelier. In an upscale workshop-like atmosphere, visitors can watch as artisans hand-detail the brand’s famous luggage. Leather trunks and bag can be personalized with hand-painted or hot-stamped initials, bags can be expertly repaired by hand, and the overall care and focus that go into each piece is on display.

Geodesic Glow

NYC’s Madison Square Park will be a-glow over the next few months, its light emanating from a 30-foot tall, illuminated “Buckyball.” The Buckminster Fuller-inspired installation includes 180 LED tubes forming the iconic series of pentagons and hexagons making up a ball. The LED’s will shift in intensity and color, animating the park with ever-changing light until Feb. 1. Check out some installation shots here.

Patterns of Public Sculture

Tasha Lewis, a young artist from Indiana, is exploring a medium she has named “Guerrilla Sculpture” by using magnetic butterflies that she created using recycled materials. She decorates public spaces with a swarm of these small sculptures to create temporary “magical and unexpected pieces of public art”. The project is reminiscent of the ‘Trophy‘, a temporary exhibition at the V&A in London, where artist Clare Twomey scattered delicate ceramic birds made from Wedgewood’s Jasper blue clay all through the museum and invited visitors to take a bird home with them.


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