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Building Cities

As NYC and all impacted by the effects of Sandy start to re-build, we were inspired by this vibrant and hopeful mural in Seattle depicting a city being built. Illustrators Invisible Creature worked with artist Don Rockwell and traditional sign-painters Foley Sign Company to bring the mural to life in South Lake Union. Check out this accompanying video documenting Foley Sign Co’s process of scaling and painting digital art onto a 100′ x 30′ wall.


Next week in New York, “Visualized” – a new conference exploring communication of big data and the role of design and storytelling – gets underway.  Nov. 8 and 9 at the Times Center in Manhattan, several key players working with data to form compelling narratives will speak in the categories of: Data, Design, and Stories.

City Greening

How green is your city? A new infographic compares New York, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam and London – to show how these already “green” cities measure up. The stats are interesting to say the least. An incredible 93% of Stockholm residents walk, bike or use public transport to get to work; Vancouver gets 90% of its resources from renewable energy; and Copenhagen has legislation in place requiring all new buildings to have green roofs.

Old Data, Still Beautiful

All that data the census bureau collects each year has been turned into beautiful visualizations for years. Now, the maps and infographs of 1870-1900 are available for perusal and inspiration at A Handsome Atlas. The site is organized for exploration – allowing searches by year, topics – like education, agriculture and religion – and type – pie charts, maps and hodgepodges.

RGB Atlas

Artist Tauba Auerbach created a physical representation of the range of RGB colorspace – in a giant book form. The “RGB Colorspace Atlas” is a rich airbrush-on-paper tome displaying the array of colors available for the screen.

Hop and Skip to Yellowstone

This beauty created by the Sierra Club was passed around a while back, but its worth a mention as a simple reminder of our country’s grand National Parks. The well-known NYC subway map model was applied to show in a minimal way some great road trip ideas. If only the Redwoods really was a few stops and a transfer away.

Is it Worth Your Time

Somehow, there’s never enough time – especially for small businesses. One in four small business owners believe an extra hour in their day is worth $500. This infographic illustrates the average time spent on various office tasks, how these tasks have changed over time and suggests time-saving solutions to incorporate into your work schedule.

Emerging Technologies

Many of today’s most commonly used technologies – from camera phones to tablet computers – seemed almost implausible just a few short years ago. Envisioning Technology, a technological trend forecasting firm, have devised an infographic that speculates about future technological advances from 2013 until 2040. These include flexible screens by 2015, weather engineering by 2020 and domestic robots by 2025. Don’t be concerned if you’re not familiar with all the emerging fields – the infographic comes complete with informative explanations.

Breaking the Restaurant Mold

The pop-up business model has become commonplace in several industries – fashion, design, art. Pop-up restaurants are less common, but this infographic shows how lucrative and interesting these temporary food joints can be – especially in big cities. Start-up cost in San Francisco is a measly $2500, with NYC at $30,000, compared with over $300,000 to open a permanent place. Pop-ups can get more creative with menu, hours, and locations – holding court in galleries, empty storefronts, or backyards.

Beautiful Prime

A data visualization specialist and computer scientist created a beautiful visualization of prime numbers that both math wizards and the visually minded can appreciate. Jason Davies uses waves of lines to indicate the relationships between prime numbers, showing all those tricky numbers that are divisible only by 1 and themselves. The infographic is interactive, so you can roll over 11, and see the waveform move to flow through 22, 33, 44, etc.


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