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We recently came across a lovely collection of letters via the 1973 Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers by Elsie Svennas. The book is unfortunately out-of-print, but a pdf is available to peruse and gather inspiration from.

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Happiness in Colors

Joy, euphoria, satisfaction, tranquility, triumph. The new Colors Magazine is all about Happiness. Benneton’s conscientious publication on social issues all around the globe inspired an exhibition at London’s Design Museum – “Happiness and Other Survival Techniques.” Showing April 4 – 13, the exhibition highlights artifacts exploring survival in different countries and economies.

Climbing Mountains at Work

If you had the incentive of reaching the peak of Everest, would it make you take the stairs to work instead of the elevator? That’s what City Peaks, a beta in-house game, bets on. As workers choose to climb the stairs, they scan a card to track progress at RFID stations set up around the building. Software tracks their movement, and calculates each player’s standings and relation to coworkers. Collectively, the team has climbed 90% of Mount Everest, and are being motivated daily to climb more.

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Seeing ‘Hope’ + ‘Crisis’

Reading the news everyday, its often hard to step back and see the patterns that form right in front of us. With access to all the data of the New York Times through hackathons and conference the Times Open, these patterns are now readily available to developers and information designers. And the rest of us non-coders get the opportunity to see beautiful visualizations of the frequency of the words ‘science’ and ‘religion’, or ‘hope’ and ‘crisis’ (above) in the New York Times between 1981 and 2009. The visualization reads like a clock, where 12pm is 1981 and 12 midnight is January 1, 2009.

Young Einsteins Needed

A new Good infographic responds to President Obama’s call for the next generation of innovators in science, math, technology, and engineering – and shows what they need to get there.

Serious Information, Beautifully Displayed

The Luxury of Protest is a gorgeous information design project addressing cultural themes including: geopolitics, generative aesthetics, and art & science. Also fun to explore and linger on.


Los Angelenos think they have it bad, but they rank 12th in a study on the worst commutes of various international cities. The study rated the economic and emotional toll that comes from sitting in traffic for long parts of the day. Several cities, including LA, showed a huge increase in stress levels due to traffic from 2010 to 2011, jumping from 21 to 44%.


Dubai, In Graphical Form

Brussels Sprout, a free curatorial magazine “on contemporary thinking and emergent art” based in Dubai, just released its third issue, the Dubai Graphic Encyclopedia, Vol. 1. It includes simple black-and-white depictions of visual Dubai, from cars and coins to Emirati women in national dress. Available for download via ePub or PDF.

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IBM “Data Baby”

Beautiful visualizations of all the data a baby in a neo-natal ward generates – “over a thousand pieces of unique information per second.” This 2010 video was part of the IBM Smarter Planet campaign.

Visual Complexity

Building on the website of the same name, our friend Manual Lima’s book Visual Complexity collects the work of researchers, scientists, and designers in stunning visual representations of all the data and information we continually generate these days. The maps, graphs, and frameworks make sense of hard data in multiple ways easy on the eye.


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