Touch & go

Screen Dynamics

The digital artworks of Universal Everything create dazzling and dynamic electronic spaces. They recently composed concert visuals for Coldplay’s Glastonbury concert and world tour, complete with psychedelic silhouettes (above) and a pyramid projection. For another new project, their seven digital displays integrate seamlessly with the Jean Nouvel-designed Excelsior store in Milan.

Check out more video of their engrossing work.

Interactive Objects

Your computer mouse may soon be obsolete if AnyTouch technology takes hold. The prototype from French Digitas Labs and startup Ayotle, developed as part of the AACC Startup Project, turns any everyday object into a touch and gesture-detecting machine. The prototype software combined with 3d sensor can detect objects and gestures, so that anything – even a piece of paper, can be made interactive. This video shows more.

(Image of Augmented Shadow by Joon Moon)

Digital Textiles

Casey Reas, who designed 1.0 (circa 1998), spoke at the recent Eyeo festival about chance in art and code, engrossing audience members as he referenced artists Duchamp, Mondrian and Tinguely, among others. In 2007, he and his fashion designer wife Cait Reas combined their knowledge of interactive technology and fashion to create the Tissue Collection, a range of one-of-a-kind garments with complex digitally-created textile designs.

Vimeo Awards

Vimeo hosted its annual awards ceremony last week, giving prizes for best work in categories of Music Video, Narrative, Documentary, and Remix, among others. The winner was much-viewed short film “Symmetry”, created by Everynone in collaboration with Radiolab. The film shows juxtapositions of everyday-life imagery, all related in different ways, keeping the viewer on their toes about the simple connections. Judges included James Franco, director Edgar Wright, Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood, and MoMA’s Barbara London.

Pixel Polaroid

Artist Jherin Miller blurs the lines of time with his series Pixels and Polaroids. He uses the almost-extinct photo format of the Polaroid, in perfectly sun-bleached, filtered light, adding illustrations of pixelated people hanging out. The results are nostalgic reminders of where we are and where we’ve been with both photography and computer animation.

Neighborly Shopping

Save time, meet neighbors, get groceries – a new crowdsourced service in Italy, Milk, Please! allows users to give and get needed groceries with neighborly help. Those at home who can’t make it to the store send a request to Milk, Please!, which has online and smartphone apps, as well as kiosks in supermarkets. Then, someone who wants to help and is headed to or already at the store can add the item to their shopping list, drop it off, and get compensation.

(Via Springwise)

Charming Journey

Forever fanciful, Louis Vuitton celebrated the release of their air balloon bag charm with a beautifully animated short video. Directed by Christian Borstlap it imagines the wonderful adventures of the charm as it floats through different (LV-branded) fantasy worlds. (Note the monogrammed trunk clouds.)

This project continues a period of whimsy for the company. For their Spring/Summer Paris show, models paraded on a carousel – a theme which was carried over to store windows (pictured above).

Film Interactions

French Director Vincent Morrisset uses the abilities of the computer and the actions of his audience to drive his films. His recent creation, “Bla Bla, A Film for Computer” is a fun interactive animated sequence specifically designed for desktop clicking. We’ve seen increasingly wonderful interactive books and movies for the iPad, and Bla Bla is a terrific addition for the computer, with its quirky and endearing illustrative narrative. And a nice making-of here.

Wikipedia Color Encyclopedia

This dazzling array of stars is an image from the Mapping Wikipedia project, an interactive world map showing the global distribution of wikipedia articles written in 7 different languages: English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Swahili. Each dot marks the location of the article subject and will link to the article with just one click. Users can also explore some quantitative parameters that can be associated with a typical Wikipedia article, such as word count, number of authors and number of images.

Virtual Periodicals

One of our favorite design resource magazines is finally going digital. Creative Review just released an IPad app, which looks to be as fun to flip through and peruse as the tangible form. While the app will share some content with the printed mag, the content will be presented to highlight the interactive touchscreen form of the tablet. In other tablet magazine news, Next Issue, a new app for tablets (not yet out on the IPad) allows for several subscriptions to top magazines, allowing users to keep everything in one tidy reading spot.


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