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Augmented Reality on the London Eye

The London Eye goes high-tech. Visitors on the Eye will soon be able to use an app on their Android devices to map out sites viewable from the device camera. Free wi-fi and audio guides will also be available in five languages.

(Via The Telegraph)

Seeing ‘Hope’ + ‘Crisis’

Reading the news everyday, its often hard to step back and see the patterns that form right in front of us. With access to all the data of the New York Times through hackathons and conference the Times Open, these patterns are now readily available to developers and information designers. And the rest of us non-coders get the opportunity to see beautiful visualizations of the frequency of the words ‘science’ and ‘religion’, or ‘hope’ and ‘crisis’ (above) in the New York Times between 1981 and 2009. The visualization reads like a clock, where 12pm is 1981 and 12 midnight is January 1, 2009.

Call the Doctor

Amazing work is being done toward the potential future of mobile healthcare – “mHealth.” With phones already built with processors that can power a pacemaker, cameras that can sense cancer cells, accelerometers attached to fitness monitors like the Up and Nike Fuel Band, and a microphone that can hear your heart, we may use them for things better for us than texting and twittering soon.

(Via Fast Company; Image Best Made Co.)

Exploring New Tech at Design Indaba

As expected, the speaker list for Design Indaba 2012 is impressive to say the least. Two that caught our eye are creatives working in amazing ways with new technologies, both of whom collaborate with artists and musicians. United Visual Artists got their start in 2003 with the creation of a stage show for Massive Attack, and now they produce sensorial work combining sculpture, performance, architecture and digital installations. And artist Chris Milk creates and directs music videos, and is most well-known for his HTML-5 interactive video for Arcade Fire’s Wilderness Downtown.  Just a few of the reasons we wish we were in South Africa this week!

Text Without Looking

While some of us (especially in New York) are constantly looking at our phones, a new app and phone design concept are bringing braille to smart phones. The app, BrailleTouch, employs the six-key system of braille typewriters to allow users to text and easily surf their phones. It’s being offered for free for Android phones. DrawBraille, the phone concept, incorporates a beautifully designed physical braille board and finger pads to assist users.

Tiny People in Food Landscapes

In his series Disparity, Photographer Christopher Boffoli creates wonderful scenes with miniature people navigating their way through food landscapes. A man ponders being at the peak of a watermelon edge, scuba divers prepare to jump into a cup of tea, and bicyclists ride over bananas.

(Via Good)

Cooper Hewitt’s Four Questions


Matt Webb, CEO of Berg Design, provided a nice 5-minute thought-break in our day with his comments in a nice new Cooper Hewitt blog section, “4 Questions 4 ___.” A former physics student, who also co-wrote a book on neuroscience, Webb talks about the similarities of physics and design; how he wants to create delight and joy with design and “social technology”; and his habit of collecting definitions of design (his favorite: “to invent culture.”)

(Image of Berg’s Clocks for Robots)

Amazing Interactive Kid’s Book

It surfaced this summer, but this IPad app is good enough to circle back around for (especially now that its won several Animated Shorts Awards). “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” uses the IPad’s best traits as both a reading tool and interactive movie experience to create a beautiful and engaging pop-up book for kids today. The app’s website also has some fun material on the making of – with videos, shots of the set, and sketches.

(Via Fast Company)

Ipad Wallpaper Masterpieces

With new app Granimator, “collaborate” with some great graphic artists while making your Ipad or Iphone wallpaper look awesome. Select an artist “pack,” which provides you with a set of graphic elements created by the artist. Then use, tweak and shape those elements to build your own wallpaper masterpiece.

(Via Design Envy)

Are you Stuck?

A new Ipad App can help you decide anything from which new car to buy, to what to eat for lunch. Using friendly language and line-drawn animated cartoon characters, Unstuck takes users through a series of questions, tips and games to help them find the best-considered endpoints, and hopefully, get moving.


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