Touch & go

Connecting Dots


Play Dot To Dot is an addictively adorable, online take on the timeless classic Connect the Dots. Create cute animals while dragging your mouse from one numbered dot to the next, as each level gets progressively challenging. It gets surprisingly tough!

Human Body


The Human Body is a great new app that teaches users all about how we humans function – with interactive features that show the processes of skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems in a fun way. Illustrator Kelli Anderson created beautiful renderings using cut paper or drawings of the human body, its bones, muscles and veins. Watch as food is processed through the digestive system, and see how vision works through the front camera on your device, and how hearing works with your microphone. A great educational tool.

Lifelong Learning

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Looking to brush up on your skills, or just interested in taking a class? EduPunks Atlas is a great place to browse new forms of education – online and off. Organized like a periodic table of resources, it collects and distills new learning organizations into an easily navigatable format. Represented are everything from Visualize Me (an online resume visualizer), the Johnston Center (a college where students design their own degrees), and the Amani Institute (a field-based social entrepreneurship program).

Domestic Tech

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The “Institute for Domestic Technology,” in Altadena, CA is an intriguing organization with a mission to “reignite the passion of how we make food, the ingredients we source and the farms on which they originate.” The Institute organizes courses and workshops on cheese making, cocktail crafting, and even making the perfect reuben sandwich. In their Foodcrafting 101 course, students learn how to make: bread, cheese, jam, and mustard, guided by master food preservers and artisan cheese makers, learning about each craft and its history.

Improve in Interviews


MIT recently released an interesting new program that can help users portray themselves more confidently in job interviews and other social situations. MACH – My Automated Conversation Coach – is a system that can portray a virtual interviewer on your computer. Conversing with you, it simultaneously analyzes and takes record of your body language, eye contact, facial expressions, and tone and tenor of your voice. The prototype then has the capability to provide you with reports on how you did – if you looked away and were distracted too much, talked too quickly or mumbled. If made widely available, MACH could prove to be a great tool for job seekers.

(Illustration by Phil Marden)

Industry of One


Industry of One is a lovely new site profiling various interesting and stylish people whose work seamlessly melds with their way of life. Rich photographs, engaging writing, and interesting interviews give a glimpse into the worlds of: Jack, the proprietor of Jack’s Coffee in the West Village; fashion designer Brandon Sun; and florist Amy Merrick, to name a few.

Back to Business!


What better way to start September than with new supplies. We are admiring the ingenuity and visually appealing experience of MobileGear’s online shop. Dedicated to the mobile workforce, with a slimmed-down selection of durable and multi-purpose goods, the site is smartly divided into function-based sections – like “Organize,” “Protect,” or “Home Office.” Best of all, the main navigation for each section is a beautiful, well-organized clickable layout of the goods (think Things Organized Neatly).

IKEA Everywhere


For those who need to experience how new furniture fits in their home to really get an idea if it works, IKEA just released an augmented reality app with their 2014 catalogue. Available Aug 25, the catalogue will work with iOS and Android apps to let you preview over 90 products in your home. Simply place the catalogue on the floor of the room, scan the page you want, and a digital version of the chair, couch, table, etc will appear where you place it in the room. You can move around, viewing from different angles, and really feel it out to try before you buy.

Phaidon Atlas

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Phaidon’s massive, encyclopedic surveys of design and architecture have been great resources on bookshelves of designers for years. The company recently went digital with all of their reams of information on contemporary architecture, with the beta version of the Phaidon Atlas: Architecture for Architects. Users can click through a global map, searching buildings and practices by location, or browse by building name or architect. Each building has a terrific project page, including images, a brief overview, construction shots, drawings and renderings, and categories it falls under like: Materials, Sustainability, Structure, Urban Density, and Building Type.

108 Seconds of Herman Miller

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It’s been passed around the web a bit, but “108 Years of Herman Miller (in 108 Seconds)” is worth a few minutes of your day. The video is a wonderful animation created by Dutch group Part of a Bigger Plan to celebrate the launch of “WHY,” the furniture company’s peek into their history and process. The engaging video walks you through the origins of the company, its unforgettable shift to modern design icon in producing work of George Nelson, the Eames, and Alexander Girard, into its role in workspace design today.


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