How we do it


Company Immersion & Position Specification
We absorb key information about your company’s mission, values and culture, which allows us to represent your interests to prospective candidates and build relationship capital on your behalf. We help define job descriptions and shape how your company is represented.


Strategy & Research
We take into consideration your company’s goals, the unique requirements of the position and your short and long-term requirements. An ideal candidate profile is developed and a list of targeted organizations, companies and institutions is researched and compiled from our extensive network of sources.


Candidate Identification & Assessment
We value quality over quantity, choosing to present only profiles and resumes of those individuals who meet the targeted criteria. In reviewing prospects, fresh insights often emerge to help more clearly define the candidate profile.


Prospective Candidate Interviews
Wert&Co. will further evaluate the selected candidates’ qualifications through conversation and interviews; probing experience and background; clarifying objectives and receptivity to change; and evaluating suitability to your company’s culture.


Client – Candidate Meetings, Negotiation & Reference Checking
We will coordinate all aspects of a candidate’s presentation, from scheduling interviews to monitoring feedback and salary negotiation. This process is conducted with the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.


Candidate Hire
An effective search not only attracts strong candidates, but leads to a successful placement. By maintaining a thoughtful and thorough approach, our work together should result in a dynamic, long-term hire for your company.