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Daniel Wert Managing Director

Daniel has over a decade of success building high-performance teams in areas ranging from athletics, music and government to technology and innovation.

His recruiting career began at Riviera Partners, an executive search firm focused on venture-backed startups and engineers. Leveraging his IT background at Apple, Computer Science acumen, and empathy, Daniel was able to help Founders and Engineers connect in ways that delivered both business value and personal fulfillment.

Daniel leveraged that experience when he joined Docker, a new platform for developing modern applications, ultimately leading Technical and Design recruiting. Helping the enterprise grow from ~100 to +400 people, he developed an expertise in recruiting at scale without compromising quality or candidate experience. Daniel refined his craft at Docker, cultivating an appreciation for the interplay between business objectives, product roadmaps, varied management styles, and purposeful talent strategies.

This “people first” approach led Daniel to Anchorage, a successful Series C company, and the first federally chartered crypto bank in the world. He was recruited by the Co-founders to be employee #1, quickly stepping into the role of Head of People while owning many of the under-resourced functions. This ground floor experience gave him insight into the eclectic and evolving needs of an early-stage startup, enabling him to build an inclusive recruiting culture and a diverse community of +150 people around the world.

Now, as Managing Director of Wert&Co. Daniel leads search engagements in engineering, product, and design (among other disciplines) and offers Zero to One advisory services to new Founders, entrepreneurs, and People teams. With his lifelong kinship to the world of Design, Technology, and Recruiting he is uniquely positioned to diversify our company’s internationally recognized brand into these new frontiers.

Daniel still serves as an Advisor to Anchorage as well as People Tech Partners, an investment group and network of experienced People Leaders committed to helping innovative HR and Recruiting tools get to market and grow.

A NYC native, Daniel holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Colorado. When away from his desk in Oakland, CA he can be found roaming nearby hiking trails, listening to live music, or playing with his dog Charlotte.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.