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Judy Wert - Team Photo
Judy WertCo-founder
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Jeff WertCo-founder
Nadya Karyo
Nadya Karyo Senior Partner
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Nadya Karyo Senior Partner

Nadya has been integral to the success of Wert&Co. from its earliest stages as a trusted advisor to the founders and with responsibilities and influence spanning all areas of the company. With over 20 years of experience, she leads our research, business intelligence and strategy practice.

With intuitive foresight, Nadya is at the forefront in identifying innovation and design trends – taking a creative, holistic approach to all Wert&Co. engagements. This includes initial calibrations whereby our clients are able to refine their vision of a given role. She approaches research as a fluid, iterative process, built on cumulative knowledge and up-to-date competitive intelligence. Working across markets and industries, her informed understanding of the business environment allows her to identify everyone from thought leaders and seasoned executives to emerging talent—expanding upon, and garnering relationships within—an established global network of over 100,000 leaders. 

An urban explorer, Nadya likes nothing better than accompanying her husband (a food and travel journalist) on adventures around the world. Before joining Wert&Co. in 1998, she worked on high-profile litigation at the law firm Chadbourne & Park. She holds a BA in Sociology and American Studies from Wesleyan University.

Enjoy complexity and embrace ambiguity!